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ROSE Farm Update

The Rose of Sharon Estate Farm (R.O.S.E. Farm) has been years in the making. From the initial purchase of the last of the T.C. Walker family land in Gloucester, V.A. – to developing the land for the benefit of humanity, we would like to officially welcome you (virtually) to R.O.S.E. Farm.

The idea of R.O.S.E Farm is rooted in health, nourishment and sustainment, of both land, animal, and people. When you purchase products from R.O.S.E. Farm, rest assured you are getting the most natural and humanly raised product. In fact, we are more cultivators than farmers. That is why we will never grow any product en mass. This allows us to ensure we deliver the highest quality product to our clients.

At current time, we do not offer shipping. However, we do offer on farm pickups on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment, and pick up in Washington, D.C. during the week in the evening by appointment. If you do elect to pickup from the farm, stay and while for a tour to get the “R.O.S.E. Experience”. In the coming weeks, we will do an in-depth blog on the R.O.S.E. Farm difference, and why procuring products from us is better for you and the environment.

Let’s Blossom Together,

Otis Clyde Cooper and Family

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