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Our Mission

The Rose of Sharon Estate Farm (R.O.S.E. Farm) continuously endeavors to provide service to our community. We believe in sustainable agriculture.  We understand that food provides the nutrients that the body needs not only to sustain itself but to heal itself. 


As a result of what we do our community has the option of produce, meat and fiber raised from a mindset that respects the earth and accepts the social responsibility. We provide services ranging from holistic farming, event hosting, and life coaching, all from our 80 plus acres family owned estate located on Virginia’s middle peninsula, in the beautiful Gloucester Court House.

Our Vision

The Rose of Sharon Estate Farm is a place of service to humanity rooted in the Christian tradition of love. No matter what service we provide we will always conduct business in the spirit of love - treating everyone and everything with dignity and respect. Through our interactions with people and nature, we hope that lives are changed for the better. We are proud to have a smaller healthier footprint that restores the land.

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