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Our Goats

The Angora goat is a breed of domestic goat native to Turkey's Ankara is the Angora goat. Mohair is the lustrous fleece that is derived from Angora goats. A single Angora goat can yield hair weighing between 4 and 5 kg annually; these goats are shorn twice a year. Angora goats can produce fiber in a variety of hues, including white, dark black, grey, silver, brown, and red. 

The Kiko goat is a breed of meat goat. Native to New Zealand is the Kiko goat. Kiko comes from the Māori word for meat. A single Kiko goat can Weigh up to 125-200 pounds. Recognized Kiko goat colors are solid white or cream, although there are some of darker colors including black. 


Fun Facts about Goats

  • Mothers will call their young so they stay close at all times, a baby goat is called a "kid".

  • The mother and kid goat recognize each other’s calls as soon as the mother gives birth.

  • "Bleating" how goats communicate with each other.

  • Kiko goat kids can be weaned off of their mothers as early as 6-8 weeks.

  • A "doe" or "nanny" is what a female goat is called.

  • A "buck or "billy" is what they call a male goat.

  • A male castrated goat is called a "wether". "Kidding" is the act of a goat giving birth.

  • An Angora Goats eyes are rectangular rather than round.

  • Goat's have excellent vision and can do just as much at night, as in the daylight.

  • A goat herder noticed how much energy his goats had, after eating coffee bushes and that's how coffee was first discovered.


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